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Keen 2 Klean
Keen 2 Klean

Keen2klean specialises in attention-to-detail truck and fleet washing services for all your commercial truck(s) and other fleet of vehicles in and across our target region.

We aptly make use of waste water recovery and on-board filtration units which helps get the job done seamlessly and quickly. And that allows us to save lots of money for each of our served customers, reduce environmental impact and give them 100% service satisfaction.

Moreover, our self-containing vehicle also allows us to professionally wash all types and sizes of commercial trucks, and vehicles and remove all stubborn oil/grease stains and other dirt accumulations from its every nook and corner.

If you request us for our power cleaning services; we offer steam and hot water washing treatments to break down otherwise tough to remove dirt marks, grime and similar stains and make your properly professionally cleaned and ready for immediate operation

We are hailed as one of the best truck and fleet washing companies operating in and across our target area. And understanding the importance of your fleet of commercial trucks and other vehicles; we want to assist you in continuing your business operations exactly as you want to.

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We are operational all 24 hours and 7-days a week

So, if you have a commercial fleet which needs thorough washing;

Keen 2 Klean
Keen 2 Klean