Keen 2 Klean is still open for business during "COVID 19". We are essential cleaning service provider.

Construction and Agricultural Equipment

Keen 2 Klean

Keen2klean presents on-demand, prompt and door-to-door construction and agricultural equipment washing services for both commercial and private vehicles.

Serving the respective industry for over 6 years, we have experience in cleaning fleet vehicles annually.

And each time we have successfully managed to meet our client’s service satisfaction.

No Matter How Dirty Your Construction & Agricultural Equipment Is...

Our team will comprehensively clean your commercial vehicle and remove all existing traces of dirt, grime and accumulated filth from every nook and corner of your vehicle(s).

We confidently deliver steam cleaning, grease removal, and tailored on-site complete vehicle washing, no matter the type of vehicle.

And our self-containing vehicles easily allow us to clean and decontaminate large construction and agricultural equipment literally anywhere, that too without the need of any water source.