Keen 2 Klean is still open for business during "COVID 19". We are essential cleaning service provider.

Parking lot facilities and Parks

Keen 2 Klean

Keen 2 Klean; your trustworthy parking facilities cleaning specialists strive to make your neighborhood parks and parking lot facilities properly cleaned, secured and safe for general use.

We Remove All Types Of Stubborn Stains From Parking Lot Facilities

Our quality and diligent pressure washers will confidently clean and remove existing debris, grime, and other stubborn stains from parking lot walls and even concrete floors/pavement.

We also remove other adamant stains such as – mulch or leaf stains, oil/grease stains and so on.

Of course, prior to the washing, our team will properly sweep and clean all lose dust particles from the parking lot facility including unveiling those areas where urgent repairs is needed.

Keen 2 Klean
Keen 2 Klean

We Also Clean Parks In & Around Your Neighborhood

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting parking lot facilities; we also dust, de-clutter and sweep parks to remove trash such as wrappers, plastic coffee mugs, paper food plates and all other types of disposal rubbish to make it clean and safe for public access.

To get the job done, we always use power sweepers to clean and de-clutter outdoor parks and underground parking lot facilities and leave it looking all spic-and-span.