Keen 2 Klean is still open for business during "COVID 19".  We are essential cleaning service provider.

About Us

Keen 2 Klean has been a cleaning service provider for years in the Waterloo Region, Wellington and Brantford County and now has extended into Halton Region for 2021. We provide cutting edge cleaning services crafted to minimize our environmental influence.

Why Keen 2 Klean

If you desire to receive a first class service, than select Keen 2 Klean as your provider, we assure you will not be disappointed. Call our power wash cleaners today and speak to one of our unit.

Our professionals are:

  • Efficient & Thorough
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Professional Management
  • Friendly Staff
  • Service Guarantees

A Motivated Cleaning Unit

We recognize that having motivated, good quality cleaners is vital to offering a great service to our clients. Our prime objective is to assure that every employee feels valued and a significant member of the unit.

A Fully Managed Window Cleaning Service

Here at Keen 2 Klean, we have introduced several procedures and systems to assure that our clients can concentrate on running their company, while we seek after the cleaning.

Continual Enhancement

Maintaining our professional standards, high quality requires a willingness to evolve and make constant improvements to our company and the cleaning service we offer.

Residential Window Cleaning

Keen 2 Klean

When was the last time, if ever, you had your windows expertly ...

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Keen 2 Klean

Here at Keen 2 Klean, we provide commercial window cleaning for all forms of...

Rug Cleaning

Power Washing

Keen 2 Klean

Pressure Washing services are the ideal way to manage your largest investments..

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Eavestrough Cleaning

Keen 2 Klean

Never stress about whether your gutters are contaminated again!..

Office Cleaning